Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Running, my way

I have come to a few realisations of late. One is that I am very, very busy which is leading to stress. I have started to solve that problem. I quit my job and am trying to be better organised with my time so that I can get my assignments done AND have time to work out AND have a social life / see my boyfriend. Hopefully some extra time to do essential life activities will allow me to become less stressed.

Another realisation is that running on a plan is simply not working for me. I am a perfectionist, and if I don't finish my intervals prefectly I start to beat myself up about it. I want to feel proud and happy when I finish my intervals, not like a running failure!

So from now on my plan will be to go out, have fun and do my best! Run when I want, walk when I want, try to push myself further so I improve, but with no specific time goal in mind. I think this plan will work much better for me. I can't fail at a plan if the plan is have fun, do my best and start enjoying running again! Wish me luck with this new plan!

Speaking of plans, on the agenda today I have water jogging, swimming and then a relax in the spa. Then I am going to go to my old placement school to see my kids. Hopefully they will be motivation to start some assignments! I am going to try to stay within my calories today, but since I have a lot of exercise planned (80 minutes in the pool, nearly 900 calories burned) I won't beat myself up if I need to add a snack.

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