Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Water Jog?

I get a few strange looks when I tell friends that I will be going water jogging in the weekend, or the next day. That look that says "really?"

Yes, really!

Water jogging is awesome exercise, and it is not just for old ladies like everyone seems to think! Water jogging, if kept at a good pace, is very tiring and works all sorts of muscle groups. The day after water jogging my legs, especially my quads, are very sore. I can still walk and even run but they definatly have a few things to say about it. My arms and shoulders get sore too because when you move your arms underwater there is a lot of resistance that isn't present when you run on land. It is almost like a strength work out for your arms while you are getting a cardio workout.

The worst part about water jogging (for me) is wearing the floation belt.

After a while it digs in a little and wearing it makes me feel a little weird. But I get over it pretty quickly and get on with my workout.

Water jogging is done in a section of a big pool and you go in a circle, in one direction. That can get boring, so there are a few things you can do to keep things interesting

-Take a friend so you can chat while walking.
-Make a friend, start chatting to someone who is a similar pace to you. I have found most water walkers to be very nice and only too happy to chat to you.
- Race yourself. If it took you 3 minutes to do the last lap then try and beat your time.
- Do intervals. Jog as fast as you can down the long side of the pool then recover down the short sides

I am going to aim to water jog twice a week on my non-running days. It is a great, no impact way to get cardio in and I'm really enjoying it.

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