Wednesday, September 15, 2010


How dare I start a blog and then ignore it!

Right, when we last saw our fearless heroine (me) she had just completed her first week of running.

Week 2 I started to get really bad calf pain while running. Very bad, I had to stop every 30 seconds to stretch and scream (OK, I only screamed once). Bottom line, I was in pain. I did all three of my runs for the week and hoped it would all go away. No such luck.

Week 3, run 1 was just as painful as my week 2 runs. I couldn't take it anymore so I hit up the Sparkpeople message boards to see if this pain was normal. I was told it wasn't, so I started looking for causes. And I found out what was wrong! My form was all wrong. I wasn't leaning forward at all, and I was landing on the back of my foot. Wrong and wrong. You should lean forward slightly from your ankles and land midfoot. I did this for my second run and all was well. I didn't get my third run in due to a slight mental breakdown in the changing rooms at Farmers, followed by an afternoon of staying in bed and hiding from the world.

That brings us to now! I'm currently repeating week 3 of my training plan. I did my first run of the week on Monday and it went fine apart from the drinking fountain on my route being out of order. I will do another run tomorrow and one on Saturday and that will give me my 3 runs for the week!

Right, three cheers for the newly commited blogger. Hip hip...Never mind

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