Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family drama

Had a few dramas of late, so I haven't be blogging or running. But hello, I am alive!

I went for an awesome run tonight though! I just did intervals, ran when I felt like it, walked when I needed. I felt happy and strong the whole time and I got home with a big smile on my face! I was happy the whole time, despite the gusty wind and the rain at the end. That is what I love about running, when I have a good run it puts me in an awesome!

I need to start taking my camera on my runs. Today I was followed by a dog. Once I noticed I stopped running and was wary at first. But once I told the dog to sit and it sat I felt safe. I put my hand out for him to sniff and he licked me. We were now best of friends. I ran up the street and he followed me. I ran back down the street and he followed me. I saw a couple of people walking down the street so I ran up the street again and asked if they knew the dog. Yep, it was their dog. Apparently he is an escape artist, so they were glad he wasn't too far from home. I didn't mind having a buddy, he ran right next to me and kept up with me. I wonder if they want a dog walker? Hmmmm

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