Monday, October 18, 2010

My next 5K

Last night at 1am I found the next 5K I am going to do. While icing my knee coz it was a little hurty from yesterdays hilly walk. Addicted? I won't confirm or deny!

The next 5K is "The greatest little fun run in the world". It is to raise funds for a local primary school AND it includes a bush walk portion! I love bush walks :) AND I get a number and a tshirt*. Score! My friend Caz and her husband are going to walk with me again, as well as seeing if Mrs Ray wants to come too! (These are the people who walked with me yesterday)

It should be a lot of fun and I can't wait. It is in 3 weeks so hopefully if I am employed I have a nice boss who understands that I sign up for 5Ks at 1am.

I'm very excited :)

* I had to pay extra for the tshirt. Is this normal practice? The entry fee was only $20 and then I got the tshirt for another $25... The tshirt was optional...But I wanted it!

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