Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mairangi Bay 5K

I did my second ever 5k walk today!

I even ran a bit once I realised that I was so busy gas bagging to my friend that we were pretty much last! My friend now hates me and my running spurts, but she will forgive and forget in time!

This walk was pretty exciting for me because I got a race number and eveything. I felt like such a pro!

The course was hilly, sandy and rocky! I admire the runners, I don't think I would have been able to run the whole thing! Maybe next year? And there was a rocky shelf as part of the course that was very uneven and quite narrow in places, which would have been a bit dangerous to run across!

Because I did the walk you can safely assume that my leg is better. It was feeling much better this morning, and my friend was nice enough to slow the pace when I needed, which was mainly up the hills. I may get an anitflam massage and a wheat bag tonight though, just to be sure that everything is feeling better.

Now I am tired out, but still have housework and assignments to do. 2 more weeks until the sweet freedom of summer holidays!

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